People say the nicest things!

“Jennifer has changed my life.

I should not feel as good as I do – as often as I do. I am addicted to running, and I put my body through a lot of abuse. My regular visits to Jennifer repair the damage I do to my muscles and have not only only taught me about my own body, but have also made me a more flexible and capable person and athlete. I believe her massage has actually helped to increase my capabilities as a runner.

But, what I get from Jennifer goes far beyond her skills, which are top-notch. She imparts something indescribable to me that I can’t identify–but I take it with me and keep it for several days after. To attempt to describe it would be to call it a feeling of contentment and peace–but, unlike anything else I can attain out in the world.

If there ever comes a day when Jennifer is not a part of my life, I will have to learn to lead a different life. I consider her my partner in my athletic journey and my personal journey towards wellness and happiness.”

Brian S

“12 years of lower back pain relieved in one massage. Thanks so much Mandy!!! I’ll definitely be back!!”

Terri M

“Raquel gave a fantastic massage. I don’t think I have ever had a massage where I actually felt such a range of emotion. Feels like a weight has been lifted.
Thank you so much,”

Adam A.

“Raquel’s restorative work has helped me so much to regain the flexibility and comfort I took for granted years ago. When I first met Raquel, I was resistant to the idea of a table massage and we started massage work in a chair, but that easily transitioned into the full table massage. Her skill, understanding and partnership in my journey to improve well-being have been remarkable.”

Anne G.

“I have been using the services of various massage therapists for the last several years. Until I met Mandy, I never fully understood the healing power of massage. I went to her seeking stress relief and relaxation, but I discovered so much more. Mandy is not just a massage therapist, I believe she is a healer.”

Steve T.

“I travel extensively and learned long ago that quality people make quality recommendations. A St. Louis ‘restaurant royalty’ Chef friend, with an obvious passion for life and finer things, suggested I seek care from Mandy M the week after my high-speed motorcycle accident. I was in significant pain and she brought me relief and comfort. I have returned to her table many times since, and have sent over two dozen friends to Remedy. And every one raves about Mandy’s expertise and nurturing nature. This isn’t merely a Spa massage experience … instead expect to start a meaningful dialogue about what ails you and to drift into a state of bliss leaving behind your aches, pains and any stress you brought in with you.

Mandy is gifted. Don’t put off coming to the same conclusion for yourself. Get past making that first appointment, and you’ll grin like me.”

Karl B.
Cincinnati, OH

“Mandy at Remedy Massage Studio is amazing. She definitely has healing hands. I’d had terrible tension and back pain for two days. In an hour and a half, she made such a difference. I feel 110% better and she even checked up on me the next day. I am now recommending Remedy Massage Studio to everyone I know!”


“What a relaxing experience a massage session with Mandy is. From the lavender scented face rest to the hot stone on my low back, I felt instantly relaxed and grounded. She has a wonderful sense of touch that found several areas of tension, and managed to coax out even the more stubborn issues I’d been holding on to. I also like when she reminds you to breathe. This always helps me to let go even more. I will continue seeing Mandy, and wouldn’t think of going to another therapist.”

P. Oblack